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2017/2018 Annual Family Membership

  • Discounts at the Bar
  • Discounts on Event Tickets
  • Discounts on Merchandise
  • Discounts in the Webstore
  • Pre-Paid Credits

  1. Step 1See how much money the package save for you.
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  3. Step 3Get the product you want.

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Product Product Regular Price Produt Price for Membership You Saved View Product
Full Table (10 Seats) CRFU Annual Dinner KY$1,000.00 KY$287.00 KY$713.00 Buy Now
CRFU 2015 Annual Dinner KY$125.00 KY$287.00 -KY$162.00 Buy Now
Subway Discount Voucher KY$8.20 KY$287.00 -KY$278.80 Buy Now
AW Test KY$0.82 KY$287.00 -KY$286.18 Buy Now
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4 Item(s)

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