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Referees Society

The CRRS is the officially recognised officiating body of the CRFU. It’s members are trained to World Rugby Levels 1 & 2 and we boast three level 1 & 2 educators.

The Cayman Rugby Referees Society is proudly sponsored by SWP Cayman 

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To help support its Mission and Values, CRFU has implemented a fair, yet robust, disciplinary process.

As a member union of World Rugby, CRFU applies Regulation17 (Foul Play) and Regulation 18 (Misconduct and the Code of Conduct) of the World Rugby Regulations. CRFU also implemented its own Discipline and Conduct Regulations in January 2022, which are available here. The Regulations provide for an expedited process for dealing with Foul Play.

CRFU has a Judiciary Panel of volunteers who act as Foul Play Review Committee Members, Disciplinary Officers, Disciplinary Committee Members, Judicial officers and Appeals officers when required.

Judicial Panel 2022-2023

  • Matthew Dors (Chair)
  • James Austin-Smith (Vice-Chair)
  • Brad Cowdroy
  • Christopher Kennedy
  • Gemma Lardner
  • Rowena Lawrence
  • Roger Priaulx
  • Alasdair Robertson


Alasdair Robertson

Playing Career:

  • Played at back row for Edinburgh University and Hong Kong Football Club (Select).
  • Finished playing in 2001 after shoulder injury pushed me towards referreeing 

Referee Career:

  • First picked up a whistle in 2001 and joined the Cayman Rugby Referees society under the tutelage and guidance of Dave Robinson and John Retson
  • First referreed an international game in 2003, Bahamas v Bermuda
  • On the NAWIRA/NACRA/RAN Caribbean ‘panel’ and referreed over 15 internationals over a 14 year period
  • Officiated at the Los Angeles and Las Vegas Sevens 
  • Qualified as a Citing Commissioner in 2019
  • Joined the MLR Citing Commissioner team in 2022
  • Was a Citing Commissioner at Los Angles Sevens in 2023
  • Continue to referee and assistant referee as required in Cayman


Jack Stringer – joined the Cayman Rugby Referees Association in 2022.  He brings over a decade of experience as a rugby referee, having officiated at all levels of the game in New Zealand since 2010.  Jack has enjoyed contributing to the development of rugby in the Cayman Islands and looks forward to assisting in furthering the sport’s progress locally.


Matthew Dors –  is a World Rugby accredited Judicial Officer and he has been the Chair of the Disciplinary Panel for CRFU since 2019. He has dealt with numerous disciplinary matters in Cayman as a Foul Play Review Officer, Judicial Officer and Appeals Officer. He was responsible for drafting CRFU’s current disciplinary regulations and obtaining approval for them from World Rugby.  He is regularly appointed by Rugby Americas North (RAN) as a Judicial Officer or Appeals Officer for international 7s tournaments and 15s fixtures. He is also a member of the Disciplinary Panel for Major League Rugby (MLR).