CRFU & Heineken

Hearing stories from some of the more senior members of the rugby community that the Heineken sponsorship of rugby here on Grand Cayman is something special. When you talk to some of these people all sorts of interesting “facts” appear, amongst which are:

  • That Heineken was an original sponsor way back which accounts for the green jerseys.
  • That the original Cayman Rugby teams were referred to as the Greenies, and that sobriquet very quickly also referred to the beer. Today if I roll up to the bar and ask for a greenie they don’t bat an eyelid, just turn and whip the top off a cold Heineken.
  • That Heineken sponsorship of the Cayman Rugby Football Union is the longest continuous beer sponsorship of a rugby team anywhere in the world! Now that’s something to be really proud of, from both sides.
  • That for many years the per capita consumption of Heineken at the rugby club was the highest per capita beer consumption anywhere in the Caribbean!
  • That in the 1980’s – long before the POS system – patrons would sign a blank cheque at the bar and at the end of the evening, or was it the month! the cheque would be deposited at the bank and the amount debited to the holder.  Now that’s a bar tab!”

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