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About CRTV

The Cayman Rugby Club has its very own internet television capability. And it is free to viewers around the globe!

The 2011/2012 season was another busy one way up there in the CRTV broadcasting tower. The Alex Alexander Memorial Trophy games were all covered in full - some might say covered by fools if you listen to some of the commentary (but that's another story). The Heineken Charity Shield and Waterford Vase games where popular amongst our local and international viewers.

The Internationals where definitely a highlight of the year with our best ratings yet. The Big Game 1 (vs Mexico) and Big Game 2 (vs Bermuda) were both held at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town and with the help of Fat Daz and his crew from IT Outsource, the CRTV team were able to broadcast the matches live and free throughout the globe from their temporary Media Centre at Truman Bodden. At one stage half of Mexico were on-line watching the match unfold. Koro, who is fluent in Spanish, kept them all up to date with expert and informative blow-by-blow commentary while Dave pointed the Camera and captured the action with a skill not seen since Easter Island's Funniest Home videos was compulsory viewing. The other hired help came in the form of Red Robbo – the Ginger Ninja and part time comments man who waffled as much as the guy standing next to him. In all, a very entertaining and well-viewed product.

There were also some visiting teams from the US and also Canada that came to Cayman and where thrilled to have their games streamed live to friends and families back home. At this point we must apologies for the pronunciation of some of these player's names. Well, they did have about 15 syllables per name!

The team at CRTV is alive and well. OK, they are alive and ... well... on their way back from a well-deserved break. Koro paddled back to his village in Easter Island. He lost about 400 pounds on that trip alone. Daz attended Fat Camp in Florida with his foody friend Grizz while Dave & Robbo went on a brief sabbatical to Austin, Tx to further develop their multi-media and talent spotting expertise.
Fat Daz has been busy with our latest system upgrade, which involves a new camera set-up, and a new streaming capability that provides plenty of flexibility as well as a high quality product. We intend to start a 24-hour Rugby stream that will enhance your viewing pleasure and will feature games from our archives as well as the most recent events.

We will also be able to include advertising space with this new set up. Given that our viewers are worldwide, there is plenty of scope to get your product out there. The rates are excellent and you'll need to get in quick to take advantage. Just contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to take advantage of this option.

If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing our shows or watching one of the games, check it out. It's free. Just go to
The last year has been a busy one for Cayman Rugby TV and this coming year will be even busier. Stayed tuned for even more exciting and entertaining productions bought to you (Free!) by the crew at CRTV.

CRTV is proudly brought to you by:
Cayman Rugby Union, IT Outsource, LIME
Koro – dressed by Tent's n Sails BWI Ltd
Fat-Daz – nutrition provided by Boss Hoggs BBQ
Technical Support Crew – hydrated (after each broadcast of course) by Heineken

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